Thursday, August 17, 2017

Exploring the Other Sides of the World

Travelling and exploring the different sides of the world have always been my dream, since I was a child. I like to explore new places and get a first-hand experience with the various cultures around the globe. It is interesting to know how people live differently and how they behave in accordance to their respective norms and traditions. Also, through travelling, one can get to see important spots and historical places that we get to know when we were in school. Also, of course, are the shopping spree and souvenir items when one is travelling; not to mention, the food trips and bars situated in the different countries.


Right now, that I am working, I can say that I haven’t travelled much the way I want myself to experience at this stage of my life. Work has always been the huge obstacle for me to travel in various places at my own time. The following are various places that landed on my top list of preferred destinations of travel. Most of these places actually have a rich culture and interesting history that make it attractive for me to explore and mingle with the crowd thereat.


China. As an emerging huge share holder of the world market nowadays, it will be interesting to explore China and get to feel the culture and its economic vibrancy that makes it a giant economic driver at this time – plus, it was the host of the latest World Olympics. Of course, when visiting China, I will make sure that I will set foot to its historical Great Wall of China, the only visible man-made creation when viewed from the moon.  Accordingly, the Great Wall is slowly “deteriorating” as time unfolds; hence, it is a must that I should get to see it the soonest or, else, I might not be able to see it forever.


Israel. Although a war-stricken nation, I find Israel worth visiting because of its rich history, especially that it is the cradle of almost all the religions in the world, particularly Christianity. Jesus Christ was born in Israel.  There are many travel packages nowadays for Israel, most of which are Marian pilgrimage packages. According to many, such exploration is really very worth it.    


Japan I love gadgets and other electronic stuff; hence, Japan is the best place for it. Known as one of the world’s greatest innovators in the field of science and technology, Japan’s creations have always a unique taste that really signifies its being Japanese. Japan is always at the forefront in new inventions that make the lives of many people easier as well as giving pride to Japanese’s genius. Also, I love Japanese food and fashion.                                


New York City.  Who does not want to explore the city of New York wherein almost everything is there already. I want to get to feel the New York culture, the fast-pace life and people working thereat, as if there is no tomorrow.  I also want to experience how to stand at the famous Madison Square and stroll along the Central Park. Of course, travel and pleasure will not be complete without shopping at New York.


Kenya. African countries never cease to amaze me, especially Kenya with its exotic beauty and adventure safaris. I am a big fan of Africa, and as I watch documentaries of its wildlife, rich culture, and beautiful scenery, I cannot help but be inspired to visit this place.

Meanwhile, to those who are planning to travel and explore the other parts of the world, it is best not to forget to bring along with you your cameras and camcorders.  Also, it would be a lot more fun if you spend it with your loved ones.