Thursday, August 17, 2017

LAS VEGAS Escapade

Las Vegas first got its name from a Spaniard, who visited the land few centuries ago, the land was composed of wide meadows, which were vegetated by low-lying grass thus got its name Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is also known as the gambling capital and the entertainment capital. It is the most popular city in the state of Nevada of United States of America. It got its title the Entertainment Capital of the World because of the number of existing Casino empires and adult entertainments. Because of these adult entertainments, Las Vegas was also named the Sin City. Adult entertainment opens commercial sex, employing sex workers in various capacities. Through this Las Vegas has become famous for film setting for television and home videos.

Las Vegas was also named as the brightest city on earth because of its outdoor lightings that are seen almost all over the walls of the buildings and streets within the strip.  

Las Vegas attained so much revenue on its tourism marketing due to its constant population growth, which made it the fastest growing community in the United States.  

Famous tourist attractions in Las Vegas:

•    The Bellagio - it’s a 30 storey luxury hotel and casino located the Las Vegas Strip. Its most notable feature is the lake between the hotel and the famous dancing water fountains. This hotel was featured in the 2007 Hollywood film Lucky You and Ocean’s Eleven.
•    The Mirage – this is the most expensive casino hotel in Las Vegas, its famous attraction is the VOLCANO, an audiovisual attraction spectacle with a fire effect like that of a volcano and its original soundtracks. The Mirage is the most expensive casino hotel in history. It has a Hawaiian theme with 3, 044 rooms.
•    The Caesars Palace – opened in the year 1966 with 3,348 rooms and was known for its Roman Empire Theme. Its signature attraction is the Forum Shops, a luxury mall with more than 160 shops including boutiques and restaurants. Caesars Palace was also famous for its spiral escalators in the Forum Shops. This luxury hotel changed the image of Las Vegas from a gambling center to a more family oriented feature.
•    Bonanza Gift Shop – known as the store at night in Las Vegas Strip, this was the world’s largest gift shop.
•    Mandalay Bay – is a gold colored luxury resort and casino hotel in Las Vegas Strip with a theme of a Beach Resort it has 3,309 rooms and its famous attractions are the Sharks Reef and House of Blues.
•    The Excalibur Hotel and Casino – this opened on June 1990 with a theme of the medieval period, this is the first hotel in Las Vegas that featured children’s attraction. Its large swimming pools and arcades catch family’s attention to visit.  The hotel has 4,008 rooms and was titled as the largest hotel in the world when it first opened for public.
•    The Treasure Island – this is a hotel and casino that opened on October 1993 with a modern Caribbean theme, it is also known as the T.I. the initial for Tropical Island. The hotel has 2,885 rooms and the famous feature of the hotel is the Sirens of T.I., it is a nightly show of bands.

There are plenty of tourist attractions in Las Vegas those mentioned are the famous ones in the said city.