Thursday, August 17, 2017

Get to Know the Famous Female Singers

Music plays a big role in our lives. It is through music where we can express our feelings and place the stressful days out from our minds. Today, music is incorporated with a lot of musical forms. It can be in a form of a song which composed of lyrics and rhythm, or it can be in a form of pure instrumental. Creating a song is not that simple as you think. You need to have that sense of emotion, flowing all throughout. The popularity of songs written by different artist catches the eyes of most music industries.  In the minds of the businessmen what matters most is the song’s impact to the people. Today there are a lot of famous artists, which gave a big bloom to musical business. One of the most popular music icons today is Lady Gaga then followed by Beyonce and Britney Spears. We always see them in television and heard their song all over the radio, but we never knew what lies behind their musical life.

Do you want to know more about these famous people? If you do then we can make this possible by reviewing their backgrounds in life. Let us start first with the ever famous Lady Gaga. Her real name is Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta. She was born last March 28, 1986 in Italy. Her parents were Joseph and Cynthia germanotta. It is said that lady gaga was a talented girl starting at the age of 4. She could play piano at a very young age and started writing her piano song at the age of 13. One year after she completed her first song, she entered into the world of entertainment. When Lady Gaga was still 11 she was enrolled into a high class musical school which is known as the Julliard School in Manhattan. This talented individual was surely a gifted one. Her parents shared a story that when Lady Gaga was in her young age, she loves to sing along with her music recorder. Aside from singing, she also loves to dance within their living room. Today Lady Gaga made a huge change of how people picture out music. As years passed by, this famous individual gained several music awards, which help her recognized by people all over the world. The famous songs created by Lady gaga today are the Bad romance and the poker face which help increased her album sales.  

The next famous artist that we are going to talk about is Beyonce. Her full name is Beyonce Giselle Knowles. She was born last September 4, 1982 at Houston, Texas. Beyonce stands around 5’6” tall and has brown eyes and hair. Beyonce was born and raised from a loving family. At a very young age Beyonce already showed some potential in the world of music. Indeed, she really loves to sing, and she even had a regular voice practice in church every weekend. In her childhood days, her father decided to pair her up with a young singer LeToya. Around the year 1992 they were hired for some gigs in different places. People were amazed by the talents of the two young individuals. Few years later they created a group called destiny’s child. At this time, they were widely known by people with their famous music. They were then given several Grammy awards. After a good record in the musical industry, the group members began to quit because of some management problems. Within their group Beyonce was considered as the centerpiece. Thousands of fans noticed that she really had a unique quality of voice. Aside from singing Beyonce was also a good dancer and an actor. After she left the destiny’s child, she created several albums, which made a great impact into the world of music. She also has several movies and dancing scene which further increase her level of popularity.  

Another well known artist is Britney Spears. This talented person was born last December 2, 1981 in Mississippi. Britney was also a talented little girl like any other famous artist. She was a good gymnast and can dance very well. She also has a good voice which attracts several people. At a young age Britney started singing together with a church choir. Around the age of 8 she had her first audition in a Disney program. Few years later she earned several music awards. Britney was one of the most popular music icons at her time. Her career got blurred when she met her love of a lifetime and experienced several relationship problems.