Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Summer of Life

A blazing air to stimulate the senses, an azure sky to blanket the ever green meadows, and a soothing music flowing through the background as one lays in a cozy, swinging hammock – a brilliant idea to taste the mornings of summertime. Indeed, this weather is a deluging irony of sensation. It is the warmest season of the year, a reason to explore the wonders of the exterior walls of our very homes, an occasion to seek for rejuvenating relaxation, and yet to expose ourselves to bubbly entertaining pursuits.

Summer is a sizzling climate to celebrate the upbeat and imaginative aspect of life. Imaginative in a sense that one looks out for fun, amusement and activity to jive with the cheery atmosphere, may it be morning, noon, afternoon or late nights. One of the reasons why everyone loves summer notwithstanding its heat and its sweat-producing ambience, is that we get entertained, we get to have fun, and we get to loosen up a bit. Summer has this spectacular delight that keeps us awake and energetic not only because of doing the activities that stirred our spirits, but as well as catching a glimpse of vibrant and flamboyant colors, such as the combination of pink and orange sexy bathing suits, the eye-catching yellow color of streamers and summer flags, the accent of green and blue for out-of-the-blue urge of taking photo shoots. So undeniably, everything that has got to do with summer gives us a hint of a fun and enjoyable time in store for us!

There are a lot of schemes in order for our summers to be fruitful, memorable, and yet customizable to our preferences, because this is the season wherein we loosen up and take away our worries from school and work. Those who prefer to enjoy the hot summer sun go out to swim at the beach or sunbathe on the white sand shores in the steamy noontime of summer. Others favor to dance to the perky, rhythmic, and carefree tune of reggae and funky music in the late afternoons coupled by some mouth-watering tropical drinks. Oh la la! The season should not pass without the frisky music that harmonizes and invigorates our senses. Music is one way of entertaining the soul, the body and the mind as well as exercising our senses. That’s why we are reminded of summer when we hear songs from "The Beach Boys", "Dancing in the Street" by Martha and the Vandellas, "Summer in the City" by The Lovin' Spoonful, "Carribean Blues" by Big Mountain, and the like. Watching our favorite bands play our type of music simply just takes all the blues away, isn’t it? May it be held indoors like concert domes, acoustic lounges and resto bars, or outdoors such as football fields, amusement parks and beach shores. Yet the fun doesn’t end there! It keeps on and on until dawn. But summer isn’t just about beaches, it’s also suitable for a chilling night out to balance the smoking breeze by a group of our best buddies who want to enjoy the season with a bang. You know what I’m talking about? It’s entertainment! You cannot  deny the fact that this craze doesn’t just happen in a one season but all-year round.

Entertainment as we call it is an ongoing activity to facilitate our constant process of unwinding ourselves to the fast-paced city life. As they say, all work and no play makes John a dull buy. So why not treat ourselves and have a hilarious evening at the comedy bars, watch late night movies, choose to view drama plays, or take a loved one to a favorite band’s concert? There are numerous options to content the spirits at any season of the year.

Seasons give us a unique experience in each of its occurrence. Like summer, it entertains - just like watching a hilarious movie, it relaxes - resembling a quite classical tune, and it energizes - as we jump high during our band’s concert. Much more than this, it is a period of the finest development, of growth. It depicts the height of our life because it instills in us that there is ultimate satisfaction in all pursuits.